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Central Virginia Volleyball Officials Association


21st Annual Awards Banquet

Monday, December 4th, 2017

Four Points at Sheraton


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First Referee of the Year

Tim Gunn (Not Present)


Second Referee of the Year

Kevin Sickinger


Line Judge of the Year

Alvin Butler


Most Improved

James Love


Rookie of the Year

Rob Robertson


Rookie-Rookie of the Year

Julie Heiry


Best Dressed

Milton Nichols


Above and Beyond

Hank Hartz


Most Embarrassing Moment

Howard Nester


Quick Draw McGraw

Jerryy Morris


Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang

Ellen Mooradian



Charles Arvin

Randall Clary

Brian Cowles

J.J. Foster

Bruce Frye

James Love

Ellen Mooradian

Dave Peebles

Bob Provost

Doug Satterwhite

Gilbert Stewart

Bryan Wagner


Salesman of the Year

Bruce Frye & Hank Hartz


Presidentís Award 

(Not Presented)