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CVVOA Playoff Expectations & Protocol


The following is a list of expectations and protocols for officials selected to officiate post-season tournament matches.  Please read and adhere to these instructions:



1.    The R1 should contact his/her crew as soon as he/she accepts the match.


2.    Crew members working the State Semis/Finals at the Siegel Center must arrive at the site 90 minutes (75 minutes for the first match being played that day) before match time dressed in Business Casual clothing (sports coat recommended for men and equivalent attire for women).  For all other STATE and REGIONAL post-season matches, crew members should arrive 60 minutes before match time dressed in Business Casual clothing (no collarless shirts, jeans, or tennis shoes). For all DISTRICT/CONFERENCE post-season matches, crew members should arrive 45 minutes before match time dressed in Business Casual clothing. See pictures below showing examples of proper attire.


3.    Make sure your uniform is clean and pressed. If you wear a jacket, the jacket must be one with the CVVOA logo or a solid black one with no logo.  If a sweater is worn the VHSL patch must be attached on the left side (pocket area) of the sweater.


4.    R1’s equipment shall include solid red flags for the line judges’ use.  The flag’s dimensions should be no smaller than 12x12 inches and no larger than 16x16 inches.


5.    R1s will meet with their crew to review and discuss pre-match and post-match protocols.


6.    R1s will discuss mechanics and review playing area with their R2 and Line Judges.


7.    The R2 will instruct the scorekeeper, timer, and Libero tracker on their duties and will make sure that the names of the R1, R2, LJs, and scorekeeper are printed in the scorebook before the match begins.


8.    During the pre-match coaches and captains meeting the R1 and R2 will stand side by side facing the court and the Line Judges will stand side by side facing the R1 and R2.


9.    During the pre-match introductions, the officiating crew should be opposite the scorer's table on the sideline near the R1’s platform.  The R1 and his/her Line Judge stand along the sideline on the right of the stand, with the R1 closest to the net.  The R2 and his/her Line Judge stand along the sideline on the left of the stand, with the R2 closest to the net.  For Crews without Line Judges, the R1 and R2 should be in the same position opposite the table, but without the Line Judges next to them. During pre-match introductions, the Line Judge on the R1’s side will place his/her flag on the referee stand.


10.    During timeouts, Line Judges will stand at the attack line on the side of the R1 nearest their corner and return to their line as soon as one team finishes their timeout or at 15 seconds remaining of the timeout.


11.   The Line Judges should go to an area away from the court between sets (do not wander around the court or go to the R1 unless directed to do so by the R1).


12.   R2s are directed by VHSL and CVVOA to use a line up card during the match.  R2s will check the floor lineups using this card and not the coaches' line up sheets. Check the receiving team first, then the serving team, and then roll the ball to the first server. Indicate the floor captains to the R1, check that the table is ready, and then give the court over to the R1.


13.   Line Judges will take charge of the ball during time outs



NOTE: During the State semis and finals, if the VHSL staff or Tournament Director directs a change in any of these procedures, their instructions take precedence over those from our association.





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