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  1. Do NOT:
    1. Drink alcohol the day of your match
    2. Use tobacco products after arriving at match site
    3. Engage in unprofessional behavior or language while at match site


  1. Contact your partner a minimum of 48 hours prior to the match


  1. Allow ample time to arrive at match site on time, arriving on court in uniform 30 minutes prior to match start time


  1. Check court      
    1.  Net cables padded/covered
    2.  Net height and condition  (check at center and ends)
    3.  Antennas – vertical; Vertical tape is optional
    4.  Safe court, 6’ clear space
    5.  Ref stand – height, sturdy, padded up 5’
    6.  Pole condition, padded up 5’
    7.  Centerline continuous – tape it/ eyeball it and mention it at captain       meeting
    8. Placement of benches, scorer’s table, equipment


    1. Ground rules, i.e. playable areas, boundaries, overhead obstructions, change in surface, etc.  Listen to coach’s input as to past practices, then make your own decision in accordance with the rules.
    2. Information signals. Move away from pole to give signal and make eye contact.  Some signals are open; others are discreet.  If R1 waves you off, drop it.  Signals may include:

1.      Ball handling -  R1 screened/unscreened from 

2.      Leading 4 hits  (discreet)

3.      Touch calls (seen (open) and unseen (discreet shake of head)

4.      Issuance of cards 

5.      Net violations – (open) - indicate net on the side of the violation and number of violator; R2 whistle duty; both officials signal net

6.      Antenna violations – (open)

a.       Being in position

b.      Signal - R2 whistle duty; both officials signal

7.      Centerline violations – (open)  indicate centerline violation by pointing a finger to the line from the side of the violation; R2 whistle duty; both officials signal centerline

8.      Ceiling – (open)  either official whistle duty; point to where ball touched ceiling on serve or on a pass over the net

9.      Bench Control, Crowd Control: 

1.       What to report to the R1

2.       What to expect

10.  Reminders:  Time outs, Subs, Libero replacement, between games

11.  Line calls

a.       If you have Line Judges – do not make line calls

b.      If you don’t have Line Judges

12.  Out of Rotation and Back Row Attack


  1. Duties
    1. Balls – 2 balls, measure pressure – 4.3-4.6
    2. Towel at table for drying off balls, floor
    3. Ensure home team has provided table personnel – scorekeeper, timer, libero tracker.  Others at table may be: announcer, visiting scorekeeper, training scorekeeper – no one else
    4. Meet coaches – home team first

1.      Maintain pleasant attitude, but avoid fraternization, especially if you know one coach better than the other

2.      Avoid discussions of other teams, players, team tendencies, etc.

3.      Go over protocol, ground rules, match format

                  E.  Brief table workers – scorekeeper, timer, libero tracker


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