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TRAINING REMINDERS – OCTOBER 3, 2010 Presented at Membership Meeting

1.       Attitude (Casebook p. 49)

2.       R2 MOVEMENT

A.      Beginning of play – near centerline, square to court

B.      During play – where you need to be to make the call

C.      Transition on first hit, eyes on play

D.     Antenna

E.      Out of the way of play

F.       Whistle  out of bounds behind Centerline extension – both sides

G.     Calling nets – all nets except hair; player into net (not a foul if net bounces into player);  eyes wait at net until everyone is ON THE FLOOR AND BALANCED

H.     Nets – watch players on the way, in the air, coming down, and turning to go

I.        You will miss seeing the game if you do your job right – you won’t see the kills hit

J.        TWO sets of eyes on the play:  R1 follows ball; R2 stays at net – do not double up on ball and leave the net unattended  (they’re not paying for two R1s)

K.      Center Line  – if in doubt that part of the foot/hand is over/on the line = no call; if in doubt that another body part is actually in contact with the opponent’s court =no call

L.       Centerline and Nets –whistle immediately, then WALK TO THE SIDE THAT WAS AT FAULT to make your signal; give the player number

M.   Time outs – walk into the court and make a clear signal


3.       R2 DUTIES


B.      Take charge of the ball – in between sets; after match.


D.     WAIT patiently for R1 to signal – you are an echo

E.      ONLY return the court to the R1 when ready for play to begin (open hand toward R1)

F.       Wave off subs after the whistle for serve

G.     Coin Toss for deciding set – near the SCORER’S TABLE, remind captains of 15-point set, choices: serve/ receive, or side; loser of toss gets remaining choice



A.       Arrive 30 min before match on floor and first one to arrive measures net and checks equipment

B.      Metal TURN BUCKLES must be wrapped w/foam sleeve, towel, etc. as well as cables

C.      Pole and stand padding up to 5’  (not the whole thing)

D.     Have your 1st match coin toss as soon as equipment is ready – hopefully at 25 min before match – if your equipment check takes longer than 10 minutes, start the 20 min. and have your captains’ meeting ASAP..  the match should  start on time unless a team is late

E.      Capt Meeting:  R1 AND R2 STANDING SIDE BY SIDE ON THE TABLE SIDE –(CASEBOOK p. 54)  if you have line judges, they stand side by side on the pole side across from R1/R2

F.       Pause the clock at 7 min. so the 2nd team on the floor gets their entire 5 min warm-up.  Don’t restart the clock until the first team has exited so they can use all their minutes (generally the 2nd team to warm-up delays their hitting so as not to bean an unaware opponent who is trailing off the court, but waiting with the clock restart helps that situation). 

G.     If you accidentally mishandle the warm-up clock (give one team 6 minutes) make it the same for the other team.

H.     Warm-up Sample in Casebook p. 52



A.       Put 20 min. on the clock.  Start the clock after the Capt. Meeting. 

If the coach is both the JV and Varsity coach and they need time to talk to their JV team after the JV game, start the 20 min clock if teams are on the floor, and as soon as the coach is available, stop the clock for the Captain meeting and then following the Capt. Meeting restart the clock. 


6.       Coin Toss

A.      Introductions

B.      Court Markings

C.      Ground Rules

D.     Head Coaches verify players and equipment are legal

E.      Sportsmanship

F.       R2 anything to add?

G.     Questions

H.     Good luck


7.      R1 Reminders

A.       Scan to pick up approaching subs, coaches calling timeouts

B.      Keep your signals sharpened


8.       Hair Devices – Rulebook p. 15

A.       LEGAL

1.      Soft, stretchy headbands (w/wo sparkles), pre-wrap

2.      Ribbons

3.      Bandanas or fabric head gear to hold hair,  2” wide or less

4.      Unadorned bobby pins 2” long or less

5.      Unadorned flat clips 2” long or less

B.       ILLEGAL

1.      ** Plastic headbands

2.      Adorned barrettes and pins

3.      Etc.


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