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Updated: 11/9/2010


The Official Volleyball Uniform (that must be worn at all scholastic games and scrimmages) for the 2010 season is as follows:


1. Shirt - Clean, White Pullover with a 3-botton collar and the VHSL patch secured (sewn or with magnets, not tape) on the left-side pocket; Certified Volleyball Official must be embroidered on the left sleeve.


2. Undershirt - If visible, the undershirt must be solid white.  Crew or V-neck collar allowed.  Any undershirt that has visible printing or logos that ‘bleed’ through the white pullover is not allowed.


3. Pants - Clean, Pressed, Black double-knit slacks with or without belt loops. If the slacks have belt loops, then a belt must be worn. The Belt must be Solid Black Leather with a plain, unadorned Silver, Gold, or Brass buckle.


5. Socks - Solid Black.


6. Shoes - Solid Black Court Shoes - Clean and Polished.


7. Sweater (optional) – Solid White with or without Certified Volleyball Official on the left chest. Must have the VHSL patch attached.


8. Jacket (optional) – Solid Black Button-Down ‘Bomber’ type with knit collar, cuffs, and waistband. The CVVOA Logo may appear on the left chest. Note: the jacket is only to be worn during pre-match duties, never during a match.


9. Whistles & Lanyards – Should be either white or black. Pink whistles permitted and encouraged in ‘Play for the Cure’ matches only.


10. Volleyball Flags – set of two (RED) – required of all playoff R1s.



Examples of Items NOT to be Worn


Black Jeans, Corduroys, or Sweatpants; Conspicuous Jewelry; Gaudy Tattoos.


Penalties for Uniform Violations


1.      Officiating in an CVVOA/VHSL contest not wearing the proper uniform as stated above - $25.00


2.      Officiating a non-CVVOA/VHSL assigned game while wearing the official CVVOA uniform - $50.00




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